Fantastic dishes made with the best Dorset produce

Whether you’re looking for a healthy recipe to impress your friends or a way to use up last night’s left overs, you’ll find a whole host of ideas and advice right here. The difference between googling for a specific recipe and looking for it here? Everything here can be made with the delicious, locally produced ingredients that Dorset is famous for. So, if you’ve visited the area and picked up a range of fabulous foods, you’ll find how to prepare and use them in your favourite dishes right here.

Whatever it is that you’re in the mood for, we’ve got you covered. Whether you want hints and tips for your roast dinners, summer salads or something that’s a little more out of your comfort zone, we guarantee it can be made using the finest ingredients Dorset has to offer and what’s more, many of them can be brought direct from the producers, so if you’re missing anything, don’t fret!

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Not quite confident enough to get started? Why not give a cookery course a go before diving into one of these recipes? There are loads of courses, food festivals and other workshops available in the county, so don’t forget to check them out. There are courses for a whole range of abilities, so if you want to expand your kitchen know-how or just have a bit of fun, you’ll find the perfect workshop for you. With everything from filleting fish to creating the perfect souffle, these skills will be helpful for creating a whole host of dishes. If you’d rather watch a demonstration before jumping in yourself, you’re in luck, a number of our celebrity chefs offer demonstrations at their restaurants or at festivals. So, keep your eyes peeled on our what’s on section to see when the next one will be. Or if you like a certain chef’s style and want to recreate it yourself, click here to see all our guest recipes from chefs and producers across the region.

Whether you’re a seasoned cook or just getting started, we want you to have the best meal possible, using the best ingredients. On this page you’ll find inspiration for starters, main meals, appetisers, deserts and fun drinks to impress and entertain your guests.

The only real problem you’ll have is what to try first!


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Three ingredient scones

If you’re missing being able to go out for a cream tea, give this scone recipe a go using three store cupboard ingredients. This recipe uses cup measurements, so you can get the right ratio of wet and dry ingredients. Ingredients: 3 cups of self raising flour 1 cup of cream 2 cups of lemonade […]

Simnel cake

This is the ultimate Easter treat! With marzipan and fruit, Simnel Cake is a delightful sweet to eat after your Easter dinner! Don’t forget the decoration, it’s the most important part of a Simnel cake, the marzipan balls symbolise the apostles minus Judas! Ingredients: 225g sultanas 100g currants 50g mixed peel Zest of two lemons […]

The best Easter Lamb

Served with spring vegetables, this is a great way to enjoy roast lamb on Easter Sunday. Ingredients: 2 onions 2 carrots Boneless leg of lamb 4 garlic cloves 2 tbsp olive oil Find meat suppliers here. Method: Start by peeling and thickly slicing the onions and carrots. Preheat the oven to 200 degrees and put […]

Hot Cross Buns

You might not be able to enjoy the Easter-themed events you were looking forward to, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy Easter! Why not give this hot cross bun recipe a go? Many of the ingredients are store cupboard staples, while others can be picked up at local farm shops and stores. Ingredients: For […]

Basic Bread Recipe

We may have become used to the convenience of the sliced white loaf but there is nothing quite like the smell and taste of a home made loaf of bread. It’s easier to make than you think, you just need a few basic ingredients plus a little patience and you can have your own fresh […]

Aubergine Lasagne

Try this vegetarian twist on this classic, hearty family meal – it’s ideal for the family or for socialising! Ingredients: 2 large aubergines 100g butter 4 garlic cloves 6 shallots 400g chopped tomatoes, tins or fresh 15 lasagne sheets. For the cheese sauce – 30g butter 30g plain flour 500ml whole milk 100g cheddar cheese […]

Microwave chilli | Store cupboard recipes

If you’re stuck indoors during these trying times, you might be opening and closing your cupboards wondering what you can rustle up for dinner using just the ingredients you already have. This series of recipes help you use up those items you might have ignored for a while and are great on a budget! Cheap, […]

Frittata with cheese, peas and beans | Store cupboard recipes

If you’re stuck indoors during these trying times, you might be opening and closing your cupboards wondering what you can rustle up for dinner using just the ingredients you already have. This series of recipes help you use up those items you might have ignored for a while and are great on a budget! When […]

Chorizo and pea risotto | Store cupboard recipes

If you’re stuck indoors during these trying times, you might be opening and closing your cupboards wondering what you can rustle up for dinner using just the ingredients you already have. This series of recipes help you use up those items you might have ignored for a while and are great on a budget! This […]

Tuna and Tomato Pasta Bake | Store cupboard recipes

If you’re stuck indoors during these trying times, you might be opening and closing your cupboards wondering what you can rustle up for dinner using just the ingredients you already have. This series of recipes help you use up those items you might have ignored for a while and are great on a budget! This […]

Celebrate St Patrick’s Day with an Irish Style Stew

Despite being the saint associated with Ireland, people all over like to celebrate St Patrick with parties and the people of Dorset are no exception. Here’s an Irish style Stew made with Dorset ingredients to help with the celebratory atmosphere! Ingredients: For the stew 3 middle necks of lamb (find the best lamb here.) 650g […]

Try these gin cocktails inspired by Olives Et Al Estia Botanical Gin

We recently had the pleasure of trying the Estia Botanical Gin from Olives Et Al and thought it was only fair to share some delicious gin recipes that you can do at home featuring some fantastic Olives Et Al ingredients.   Elderflower Gin Fizz Ingredients:  25ml Olives Et Al Estia Botanical Gin 1tbs Fresh Lemon […]

Sausage and leek mash pie

As its Pie Week, we’re celebrating with a range of pie recipes, today, we’re focusing on a pie that is perfect for those of you who aren’t keen on pastry, this is like a traditional cottage or shepherd’s pie, but with a difference and with all the fun flavours, is one that will please the […]

Spiced lentil and spinach pie

Here’s one for the vegetarians while we’re celebrating pie week, a spiced lentil and spinach pie! This one is full of delicious flavours and you can really take advantage of the herbs and spices that are sold and produced in Dorset! Ingredients: 1tbsp oil 1 large onion 5 garlic cloves 1 thumb sized piece of […]

Dorset Apple Pie

We’ve all heard of Dorset Apple Cake, but as we’re celebrating pie week, here’s a twist on the recipe. Unlike a normal apple pie, this one includes egg in the pastry and the filling to make it rich and tasty, like the traditional cake we all know and love. Ingredients: For the pastry 1 cup […]

Easy pork pies

These easy pork pies use shop-bought pastry, but if you fancy making your own, you’re more than welcome! You can easily customise these if you want to mix it up a bit by adding in onions, eggs or sauces! Ingredients: Ready-made shortcrust or water pastry 1 tbsp butter 1 onion 100g bacon 250g pork mince […]

Welsh Cakes for St David’s Day done the Dorset way

If you make Welsh cakes in Dorset are they not technically Dorset cakes? This West Country take on a traditional Welsh recipe is perfect for anyone wanting to acknowledge St David’s Day. Ingredients 110g butter 225g self raising flour 85g sugar Handful of sultanas 1 free range egg Milk if needed. You can find the […]

Pancakes made the Mark Hix way!

When I was growing up, Shrove Tuesday was sort of celebrated with the obligatory, standard pancakes served with sugar and lemon religiously when I got home from school, as I think it was in most homes. Nothing wrong with that of course but as a kid that was Pancake Day over, oh not to forget […]

Simple fish pie

Dorset is a haven of fresh seafood and fish and grabbing a slice of fish pie is a real treat at one of the region’s restaurants or hotels. Making it yourself can be a bit of a faff, so we’ve put together a simple recipe for you so you can enjoy this delicious dish at […]

Lizzie Baking Bird’s Pork Pie Recipe

Love pork pie? Make your own with this recipe from Lizzie Baking Bird. Get on with this? Keep your eyes peeled for Lizzie’s upcoming cookbook! Ingredients: 580g strong white (bread) flour 200g lard 220g water A teaspoon of salt 1 egg 1kg of pork – shoulder or leg (Lizzie recommends Maydown Farm pork which available […]

Lyme Bay Scallops with Simon Howie Haggis and bashed neeps

Why not put a twist on your Burns Night supper with this recipe for Lyme Bay Scallops with Simon Howie Haggis and bashed neeps, from the inimitable chef Mark Hix. The sweetness of the scallops works really well with the earthiness of Both the haggis and neeps. Serves 4 Ingredients: 300g Swede, peeled, roughly diced […]

Gin Cocktails from Avalon Distillery Company

If you’re a fan of gin cocktails, you’ll love these creations from Avalon Distillery Company using their Viper Dry London Gin. Here you’ll find two recipes for two outstanding gin cocktails – just make sure you’re over eighteen before giving these a try! The Garden of Eden What you’ll need: Viper Gin 25ml Elderflower liqueur […]

Haggis cakes

This Burns’ Night why not enjoy Haggis in a new way by creating a Haggis cake which combines both the Scottish delicacy and potatoes with just five ingredients. Ingredients: 700g potatoes peeled and chopped into chunks 300g haggis, either the original meat version or pick up a vegetarian version. 3 spring onions 150g breadcrumbs 1 […]

Vegan chickpea curry jackets

Whether you’re vegan or not, you will love this Mediterranean style dish which is perfect for lunch or dinner and takes less than half an hour to make. Ingredients: 4 sweet potatoes 1 tbsp oil 1 ½ tsp cumin seeds 1 onion 2 garlic cloves 1 thumb sized piece of ginger 1 green chilli 1 […]

Vegan Fudge

We all know one of the best things about visiting Dorset is being able to buy fudge at the sea front, but if you’re vegan or lactose intolerant, fudge is sadly off the menu. Well, until now! Create your own vegan version with this easy recipe. Ingredients: 450g light brown sugar 250 dairy free cream, […]

Vegan French Toast

Taking part in Veganuary doesn’t mean you have to miss out on delicious brunch or fancy breakfast options. Why not use some of the incredible local Dorset produce to create this decadent Vegan French toast, perfect for those cold weekends when you want breakfast in bed! Ingredients: 6 slices of thick white bread – make […]

Clipper Tea Loaf

Our friends over at Clipper Teas have sent us the perfect recipe for enjoying the cold nights of January – a tea loaf made with Clipper’s very own Dorset made tea! These are ideal for whipping up to take to bake sales or into the office for a little treat, you can even add decoration […]

Vegan Yorkshire Puddings

If you’re taking part in Veganuary, we’re sure you’ll already have plenty of ideas for how you’re going to vegan-ise your roast dinners, but if you’re worried about having to leave off the Yorkshire Puddings – don’t be. We’ve come up with a vegan Yorkshire Pudding recipe so you can enjoy Veganuary without having to […]

Eat like a royal this Christmas with the Queen’s mince pie recipe!

Ok, when we say the Queen’s mince pie recipe, what we mean is the Queen’s pastry chef’s mince pie recipe – the royal chef has shared their secret recipe, so we’ve included it here for you to make your own! The Queen’s personal chef makes her mince pies by hand months in advance and this […]

Gnocchi with a Christmas twist

If you love gnocchi but you are in the mood for a festive dinner, why not make this classic Italian dinner with a Christmas twist by swapping potato for parsnips? This Christmassy themed dish uses up parsnips and other winter flavours and is a healthy and vegan option to traditional gnocchi. Ingredients 400g parsnips 600g […]

Gingerbread biscuits

Winter is the season for gingerbread, spice and things nice and as gingerbread biscuits are easy and fun to make, gather the kids together and make a little gingerbread family! Either shape them using people shaped cutters or just shape them like usual biscuits – whatever you prefer! Ingredients 300g plain flour 60g brown sugar […]

Chipotle Cauliflower Cheese

Is there a vegetable more versatile than the cauliflower? You can boil them, you can roast them, you can coat them in batter and make fast food favourites like popcorn chicken into vegan treats – whatever you want to do with them, they are a welcome addition to most meals. As we’re heading further into […]

Sausages with winter veg mash

Sausage and mash is a staple when it comes to British cuisine and with this wintery take on a classic, you’ll find comfort on those dark evenings when only a familiar favourite will do. Ingredients 4 sausages – try these from sozages. 2 parsnips 3 medium potatoes 175g Brussel sprouts 4 tbsp milk 1 tbsp […]

Make your own winter vegetable and lentil soup

It’s getting colder and with the abundance of seasonal produce that can be found in Dorset, it’s the perfect time for making a healthy home-made soup. The beauty of a soup is that you can use any veg you like, but here are our suggestions of how to create a great winter soup.   Ingredients […]

Stuffed pumpkin recipe

It is the season, so naturally, we have to feature a pumpkin recipe! This is perfect for dinner parties, particularly if you’re entertaining vegetarians and vegans. Ingredients: 1 large pumpkin or other squash if you can’t find a pumpkin4tbsp of olive oil 100g rice 1 large fennel bulb 1 apple 1 lemon 1tbsp fennel seeds […]

Pork, Cider & sage hotpot recipe

This autumn why not settle down with some hearty food with this hot pot that incorporates some of Dorset’s best local ingredients? This hotpot takes the traditional tastes of the famous dish, but with a few modern elements making it a unique and totally delicious meal! Ingredients: 4tbsp olive oil, try this from here.1KG diced […]

Make your own Sourdough this September

Did you know it is Sourdough September? Well, now you do! There are plenty of amazing bakers across Dorset offering their own sourdough recipes, but have you ever wanted to make your own? If so, here is a simple recipe to get you on the right track! First though, what is sourdough? Out of all […]

Try this delicious cheesecake made of fresh Dorset ingredients

With the better weather on its way, you’ll be wanting a light, refreshing dessert to follow your dinner, so why not give this delicious cheesecake base a try using locally produced ingredients grown and sold right here in Dorset? You can even flavour it with whatever fruits or treats you like! What you will need: […]

How to cook sea bass

Dorset is an amazing place to go if you are a fan of seafood, there are loads of award-winning seafood restaurants and pop-ups all over the region, there are also a wide range of fishmongers and fish markets for you to buy locally caught, fresh seafood for you to take home and wow your friends […]

Make your own Dorset Apple Cake

It might not be quite apple season yet, but there is no harm in being prepared. Apple cake is one of the most popular things to come out of Dorset, so why not learn to make your own, that way, next time you come to the region, you can buy some locally grown apples and […]

Summer pudding

This summer why not try putting together this tart, summery dessert with some of the finest ingredients from Dorset? This summer pudding is filling, whilst staying light enough to see you through the summer evenings and is the perfect way to use up any left over berries you might have lying around. Ingredients: 1kg strawberries, […]

Roast Chicken Tray Bake

For those of you who can’t deal without a Sunday Roast even when the weather itself is roasting, this is the perfect compromise. A summery roast chicken dish that will satisfy those roast cravings, while also giving you a little taste of summer, all created using fresh Dorset produce. Ingredients One whole chicken. You can […]

Thai style mackerel

Naturally, Dorset has an overabundance of seafood available, but it is also the home of river fish, like mackerel, which you can really dress up by cooking them in this Thai style. This is a super healthy, super easy way to try something new. Ingredients: 2 red chillies, deseeded and roughly chopped. Grab them from […]

Strawberry Cheesecake Eton Mess

Think about it, a deliciously creamy strawberry cheesecake or a fruity, crunchy Eton Mess. With this recipe which combines the two, you’ll never have to choose between these two summer classics again! This recipe makes two desserts, so you can save it for a special, romantic occasion or double the recipe to make enough for […]

Mojito Cake

Are you a cocktail fan? What about a cake fan? Well, what could be better than combining the two with this fabulously refreshing mojito cake? This cake has a wonderfully moist sponge, plus lime buttercream and a hint of mint and rum. Ingredients: For the cake 225g butter 225g caster sugar 4 eggs – grab […]

Halloumi Burgers

For a fresh twist on a veggie burger, give these a try. Not only do they use fresh halloumi in the place of the frozen cheese-based burgers, but you can use brioche buns to give it a summery twist. Why not give these a try at your next BBQ or give them a whirl when you’re next camping. If you choose a campsite in Dorset, you’ll have the added benefit of grabbing these ingredients while you’re out and about exploring!