Yumptious creates gloriously yummy, ethically and environmentally sustainable food which is available at a range of food events as well as providing food for parties and other occasions.
Made right here in Dorset, Yumptious' vegan home baked food is packed with flavour and is made ethically using mostly organic ingredients. As Yumptious is committed to being as ethical as possible, all our products are created without the use of damaging palm oil.

The Yumptious range includes naan breads, curry pies, soysage rolls, Garlic mushroom and nut rolls, marmite or pizza pinwheels and pasties. This is in addition to an equally scrumptious gluten free range, so everyone can enjoy a delicious, flavourful snack.

Those of you with a sweet tooth won’t be disappointed, the Yumptious range includes various deserts, with our sweet options including vegan meringues, tray bakes and cream scones.

All our products are lovingly created and the ingredients are ethically sourced using local suppliers to create a wonderful, tasty and healthy alternative to street food.

If you’re looking for delicious vegan food for your party or event, speak to Yumptious. We’re happy to cater for your event with a selection of our sweet and savoury ranges giving you the peace of mind that your food is organic, sustainable, vegan and most importantly, tasty!

Yumptious’ vegan food can be found at food and drink events, markets and festivals across the West Country, appearing at both specialised vegan events and also at traditional markets and festivals. A full calendar of events can be found on their Facebook page, which is regularly updated.
We are committed to providing delicious food and a friendly service every time.
Come and visit us at our next event and try some Yumptious food yourself! You can find us all over Dorset and the wider West Country.

Bridport, Dorset
01308 424146

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