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Welcome to Whites Delight's, the home of free from cakes and bakes! I run a small independent free from baking business from home in Dorchester that specialises in gluten free sweet treats.
I’ve always had a passion for baking and left my job as a teaching assistant to pursue my passion in April 2019.
However, the gluten free baking began when my husband got diagnosed a coeliac back in 2008. Back then the range of gluten free cakes and bakes was very minimal, dry and all contained high amounts of sugar and fat, which lead me to only ever bake my own if we wanted something sweet.
Then, my daughter Emily was diagnosed back in August 2015. Since Emily being diagnosed a coeliac, she became an avid food lover and created her own gluten and wheat free food blog and Instagram page, @gfree_emily where she found a real passion for food. Her passion and love for all things gluten free gave me the idea to experiment with new ingredients, flavours in my cakes and bakes, which then lead me to the thought of White’s Delights .

Within our business, as I said above we specialise in gluten free but we do have an ever expanding dairy free range and some vegan options too, which I also want to expand.

Last year Whites Delight's were able to participate in plenty of food fairs selling gluten free cakes and bakes. I currently supply to a couple of cafes in Dorchester and take private orders through either email, Instagram or Facebook.

12 Lucetta Lane, Dorchester, Dorset, DT12ST

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