The Dorset Dairy Co Ltd

The Dorset Dairy Co arose from a passion for sustainable, responsible farming and quality nutrition and is run by a husband and wife team based on the family farm. We launched with a traditionally made strained yoghurt, followed by handmade cultured butter and, recently, milk vending machines.
We believe that natural, unprocessed food with a clear provenance is the best and healthiest kind. That’s why we make Dorset’s answer to Greek Yoghurt using milk straight from our high-welfare cows and adding nothing but live cultures. We strain out the water and lactose while retaining all the dairy goodness. Our whole milk and fat free strained yoghurts have won numerous Great Taste awards and have the lowest sugar content on the market.
We make our cultured butter using the cream skimmed off the milk used in our fat free yoghurt and semi-skimmed milk. It is made by hand in the traditional way by souring the cream with lactic bacteria. We churn it in small batches and, once it has reached the right maturity, we knead in sea salt before rolling it into logs.
We have two milk vending machines, one outside Harts in Sturminster and one outside the Stalbridge library. These sell pasteurised whole milk 24 hours per day, 5 days per week and semi-skimmed milk on Mondays and Thursdays. We also sell our butter and cream through our glass bottle vending machine and plan to grow our range.
We do not believe in waste. All by-products from our processes are used to make other products or used as feed for pigs and calves. We avoid plastic where we can, and all our packaging is fully recyclable.

Crib House Farm, Stalbridge, Sturminster Newton DT10 2RT, UK
01258 820127

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