The Chubb Family Farm

The Chubb Family Farm produce benefits from four generations of farming from two families, our award-winning sausages, meats, burgers and charcuterie are made from only the finest cuts and butchered on site, on our family farm where they are reared free range in the orchard.

Luccombe Farm, part of the Natural England Higher Stewardship Scheme is a picturesque setting with all our animals enjoying traditional, low intensity, high-welfare farming methods to create delicious, clean and sustainable food directly from our farm to you.

With an ever changing farming market and with a young family to support we were keen to find ways to diversify and expand while still maintaining the highest standard of care for our animals and we have loved our journey into creating our own produce. In doing so we were really surprised to discover that we are one of the few companies not just in the south west but in the UK that raise, butcher and make our own produce with lots of companies not being involved in the whole process.

We are very proud of this, through this involvement we maintain 100% traceability and responsibility for our food and have a low carbon footprint. We are delighted to have started working with other local businesses as well as our direct and online orders.

Luccombe Farm, North Bowood Lane, Broadwindsor, Dorset, DT11 0BE
07817 284606

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