Sea Spring Seeds

Sea Spring Seeds is a West Dorset company specialising in the sale and production of vegetable seeds. Their aim is to sell seeds of reliable, productive and good tasting varieties suitable for the home and allotment gardener. In their search for the best varieties they run extensive trials on their nursery, where they look at yield, flavour and culinary utility.

Sea Spring Seeds specialises in tomatoes, peppers and salad crops. They promote ‘Easy Peasy Gardening’, for time-stressed adults, children and anyone without a garden. They also have a British ethnic range selling seed popular in the UK’s immigrant communities.

Sea Spring Seeds is best known for its great selection of chillies. Many are hard-to-find or unique varieties bred by them for British conditions. Seed produced by them are labelled as “Made in Dorset”. Dorset Naga, one of the hottest chillies in the world, was developed by Sea Spring Seeds.

They also sell a diverse range of chilli and sweet pepper plants. In April and May they offer over 40 varieties of plug plants, all at the ideal stage for planting on; then in the summer they sell mature, ornamental chilli plants that are perfect as edible houseplants.

Lyme View, West Bexington, Dorchester, Dorset, DT2 9DD
01308 897898

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