Sams Pigs

We are a family run farm in West Dorset running a pedigree rare breed Oxford Sandy and Black herd.

Our pork is from pigs reared in the summer in woodland on the farm, where they supplement their diets through natural foraging producing tasty pork of the highest quality.

Sam’s Pigs is run at Locke Farm in West Dorset by father and Son Rob and Sam Holloway. The Holloway Family have farmed at Locke Farm for over a century and in West Dorset for four hundred years. The farm currently sits on a 400 acre plot, and has not changed much in that time. Natural oak woodland remains in areas and although crop fields have changed to pastureland, the landscape remains much the same. The first weaners were purchased in February 2011, two gilts and three boars to rear through for pork. Since then, Sam’s Pigs has gone from strength to strength with an ever-increasing customer base and promising business partnership developing along the way.

Sam’s Pigs sell a large unique range of sausages, pork joints and cuts to order direct from the farm.

Halstock, Yeovil BA22 9SQ, UK
01935 891273 / 07769 187456

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