Orchard Bay Bakery

Orchard Bay Bakery is located just on the edge of Cranborne, at Holwell Farm.
Our breads and sourdoughs are produced using locally grown, Organic grains. We source the flour from Stoates at Cann Mills near Shaftesbury. We prefer to use stoneground flour because unlike modern, roller milled flour, stoneground maintains vitamins & minerals in the flour producing a healthier loaf. We offer a range of artisan breads, crafted by hand in Dorset. Our range includes:-

Traditional bloomers, farmhouse loaves and rolls. A range of Sourdoughs offering a unique flavour produced from a long fermentation dough. A pure spelt loaf, made from an ancient grain that has not altered with modern farming practices.

Ask about the great bakery courses available at the bakery.

Cranborne, Wimborne BH21 5QP, UK
01725 777001

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