Maison Elhoria Ltd

Sophie’s Pâté de Campagne : Natural, preservative free and unique.

Maison Elhoria is a newly set up business in Dorset. Using the traditions of pate making which have run through generations in the family originating in the South West of France.

Just over 10 years ago, at home with young children she decided to carry on the French family tradition of making pork pâtés in jars, to keep in the pantry, along with many other preserves. Starting off by giving it to friends when invited (instead of a bottle of wine), serving it as a starter or for lunch/picnics; it became so popular that she decided to refine the recipe to sell it in the UK.

She is working on more delicious recipes!

The Cliff, Bryanston, Blandford Forum DT11 0PP, UK
01747 853011

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