Glenmel Winery

Glenmel Winery opened in 2016 where they have made a variety of handcrafted schnapps and ciders made right here in Dorset ever since. Dorset Schnapple is made from local ingredients, giving you a real taste of the region and can be enjoyed as a shot over ice or as part of an exciting cocktail.

Based in Owermoigne at the home of Mill House Cider, all the Schnapps varieties available are made with locality in mind – the team are committed to trying to keep everything they do as local as possible, for instance, using cherries from Dorset Cherries at Bagber Farm to make their Cherry Schnapple.

Whether its apples, cherries or raspberries, at Dorset Schnapple, only the finest ingredients make it into the process. This means that some products are seasonal due to the local availability of products, but that just means you can keep returning as the seasons change to pick up new delicious schnapple. Schnapple flavours include Cherry, Apple, Apple and Raspberry and Toffee Apple with other flavours making an appearance throughout the year.

The schnapple recipe is a carefully guarded secret known only to Glenmel Winery’s founders, however, the products of that recipe is widely available across Dorset in a number of off licences, farm shops and independent stores as well as at the base in Owermoigne at the onsite Cider Museum. Should you plan to visit Glenmel Winery and the Cider Museum, make sure to bring your left over apples with you, you’ll get a chance to juice them in the former cider mill!

As well as schnapple, due to popular demand, the team have also recently launched their own cider. Named after Mill House, drinkers can choose between two delectable cider flavours, a traditional style scrumpy cider using traditional cider apples and a salted caramel flavour which blends apple and caramel to produce a cider smoother than 007 himself.

The Millhouse, 33 Moreton Road, Owermoigne, Dorchester DT2 8HZ

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