Ford Farm

Ford Farm is one of the few remaining traditional West Country Farmhouse Cheddar makers left in the UK, proudly upholding a time- honoured tradition that dates back hundreds of years.

To make its cheddars, Ford Farm sources its milk from local, free-ranging dairy herds that roam the lush pastures of the surrounding countryside. The cheese is made by hand in the dairy by a specialist team of cheesemakers. Once pressed into 27kg moulds, the cheddars are then aged for a minimum of nine months, either in stores overlooking the World Heritage Jurassic Coastline, or in the purpose-built underground Caves. Whilst maturing, the cheddars take on a surface mould which is entirely natural and integral to the ageing process. The cheddars are graded regularly by our master team and are only released for consumption once they have achieved their optimum, rich and full-bodied flavour.

Aside from its core business of traditional cheddar making, Ford Farm also makes a variety of other brands of cheese including Coastal Cheddar, the cheddar with bite, and Dorset Red – a mild smoked variety.

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