Filberts Of Dorset

Dorset honey and wax products, including beekeeping courses, live bee colonies, orchard pollination and a wide range of natural polishes, beeswax candles, seeds for bees and natural skincare products.

The taste and colour of Dorset pollen and nectar is locked into each pot of Filberts raw honey. From varied and distinctive hive sites, each location is harvested separately. Flavours and conditions range between sites and between the seasons. The provenance of each batch is carefully recorded so it is possible to say when the honey was extracted and where the bees were located while they were foraging. Our honey is extracted raw which retains all the delicate flavours and volatile compounds, giving styles of honey that reflect the terroir of this beautiful part of Dorset. This delicate and interesting character is what our customers love!

Born from the needs of the outdoors, Filberts of Dorset also makes functional beeswax products with a quirky sense of style for those that love a natural way of living. From beeswax lip balms and skin salves to classic polish, there’s a little bit of Dorset in every recipe. Find us in around 150 independent gift shops, museums, heritage sites and farm shops across Britain.

Bockhampton Lane, Dorchester DT2 8QJ, UK
01305 264927

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