Elaionaki Single Estate Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Based in Poundbury, we are a small producer of extra virgin olive obtained solely from our 60 ancient trees in our olive grove in Pagania, South Pelion, Greece. After two bad years, in late October we produced 368 kilos of excellent very low acidity cold pressed extra virgin olive oil with a light fruity taste and peppery finish. It was analysed before we shipped the oil to Poundbury in December and it is now available in 500ml and 250ml dark bottles as well as 2.5 litre cans if ordered in advance.

As a 100% natural product, which derives solely from the pressing of the olives with purely mechanical methods, it maintains its biochemical properties, including the "good" monounsaturated fatty acids, vitamins (Vitamin E) and antioxidant components, such as polyphenols. The best practices of picking, selecting, taking to the press within 48 hours, cold extraction and bottling are observed throughout the process. Knowledge of the value of olive oil has increased significantly in the last few years, There is now documented scientific data regarding its health benefits. No pesticides are used in the cultivation of our olives.
The parameters for olive oil quality are set by EEC Regulation 2568/91 (1991) and the FDA allowing producers of olive oil to place a health claim on its products.
Sold at Events and festivals and from home if called in advance.

Poundbury, Dorchester DT1 3GN, UK
07810 762754

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