Eggardon Rare Breeds

Eggardon Rare Breeds

Higher Kingston Russell Cottages, Kingston Russell, Dorchester DT2 9ED, UK
01308 482491

About Us

They specialise in rearing free range British Rare Breed pigs and sheep. They are born and bred outdoors and fed on natural diets.
Their product range includes pork, lamb, hogget, mutton and poultry available as joints, gourmet sausages and burgers, bacon, black pudding, faggots, pies and a in wide choice of flavours. Their bacon is dry cured without the use of nitrites and if smoked is smoked over cherry wood.

They sell products at farmers markets, agricultural shows, special events, and food fairs or direct to the customer.

They also supply street food at markets again using their own ingredients and meat.

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