Deelicious Chilli Jam

Deelicious Chilli Jam started from the kitchen table of Dee Darnell in 2015 and still remains there to this day. Each batch is still made by Dee, no fancy machines or gadgets, just a big pan, a wooden spoon, lots of love and a helluva lot of stirring! We use locally sourced ingredients wherever possible and sell them at festivals, deli shops and online too. Try the award winning Chipotle on a juicy burger, the Classic on some lovely Dorset Cheese and if you are brave, the hot Habanero on your bacon buttie. They really are spicy little jars of joy that brighten any snack or mealtime. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do.

High Mead, Ferndown BH22 9DU, UK
07786 645675

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