Bere Marsh Farm

Bere Marsh Farm is an 80 acre Soil Association certified organic farm in the beautiful Blackmore Vale in North Dorset.

The farm has a small herd of Boer goats, producing tender young kid goat meat which is for sale seasonally from September to the end of December each year from the farm at weekends and also online.

Animal welfare is very important and the goats have plenty of space to roam, things to jump on and shelter from bad weather. They don’t like rain so stay in a big straw-filled barn from mid-December to April, and once the kids are all born they spend their days grazing the water meadows (and sometimes the hedges!) of the farm.

The farm also has basic but beautiful and peaceful camping facilities.

Newmans Drove, Shillingstone, Blandford Forum DT11 0QY, UK
01258 860284

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